Welcome to the Fleet Air Arm Squadron website.

We are a voluntary non-military organisation linking former, current and future naval aviators whose interests support the FLY NAVY initiative comprising FLY NAVY Heritage Trust (FNHT), the Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM), the Fleet Air Arm Officers Association (FAAOA).

Fleet Air Arm Squadron objectives are:

  • To recruit appropriate Members and provide a service and a purpose for their flying and associated activities that promotes the Royal Navy?s Fleet Air Arm and informs the General Public of its vital role in the Defence of The Realm.
  • To operate a well run and sustainable organisation raising funds for support.
  • To provide a Flying Programme each year and training opportunities to enable maintenance and improvement of flying standards
  • To provide experience and education in naval aviation to such groups as Gliding Awards Courses, RN Personnel at Naval Air Stations etc.
  • To carry out any acceptable form of activity for the enhancement of naval aviation.

Through social events and fly-ins we offer all those who have had a connection in the past with the Fleet Air Arm from any of the services numerous opportunities to maintain a connection to the squadron and a programme to help to preserve planes such as the Swordfish, Sea Hawk, Sea Fury, Sea Vixen and Chipmunk.