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On Wednesday 24th?October we fly in to Wellesborne Mountford to stay at Arrow Mill and enjoy a great break arranged by Denis & Margaret Woodhams.? The focus of this event is Shakespeare with a production of the Merry Wives of Windsor at Stratford-on-Avon?s new Theatre.? We hope it will be of great appeal to our Flying Companions and as you know we try to have at least one event on the Flying Programme with interest for them.???? After all it is one way of encouraging them to put up with our obsession for aviation!

Some 30 Members and their guests are expected and that may produce up to 15 aircraft but of course is weather dependent.? There will be a report in the next Buzz.


The Web Site is a great way to let our Members and our Supporters know of the Squadron?s future plans and some significant changes are afoot.? Contact John Marriott?jgamarriott@btinternet.com?with your ideas.

As you will all know I will be handing over the Boss?s job at the FAA Squadron Annual Dinner to be held at HMS Collingwood (The Wardroom) on Saturday 24th?November.??YOU ARE ALL COMING AREN?T YOU???Actually there is only room for 50 covers (Booking Form out Real Soon Now). ?There is a gathering at the Osborne View Pub for lunch at 12:30 onwards on the day and for those flying in to Lee-on-Solent (Daedalus to you).? Please arrange with Phil Moore.? His e-mail is?morsuepj@ntlworld.com?Mobile 07703162288.? Send your Aircraft Details ETA, POB etc to Phil in advance.? You will all know that Daedalus is now managed by BN Group run by Maurice and Will Hynett (of Scimitar and Sea Harrier fame) and they are very keen to welcome the FAA Squadron (no landing or parking fees).

So who is taking over on 24th?November?? Well it has taken some time to find a solution.? The overall and detailed management of the Squadron is perhaps a bit more complicated that one might expect.

For the longer term Bill Covington has offered to take on the Boss?s job but that will have to wait a couple of years while he removes some of his other responsibilities.? Bill was a Gannet Pilot and flew Sea Harriers including in the Falklands Campaign.? He was Commodore CO of RNAS Yeovilton about 12 years ago and became very involved in the Fly Navy development, he is Vice Chairman of the FN Heritage Trust and the Historic Flight operation to promote the FAA to the wider public.? He is a part owner of Cessna 120 based at Yeovilton and a Member of Yeovilton Flying Club etc .

So how do we deal with the intervening period?? We need to have a method of dealing with overall direction and of course dealing with the many higher level contacts we must maintain in the Fleet Air Arm, the wider? Navy, the Charities (FNHT and FAAM), the Historic Flight etc.?? A solution has evolved and of course needs the approval of the AGM (to be held in the Tea Room at HMS Collingwood Wardroom at Tea Time on Saturday 24th?November.


Overall Direction of FAA Squadron 2013 for next 2-3 years

The recommendation is that a small Management Board is formed to carry out this role.? It will consist of Bill Covington, Phil Moore and we hope David Ockleton.? Phil you all know well and David Ockleton, previously a Sea King pilot, is a FAA Squadron Member and is Vice Chairman of the Yeovilton Flying Club.? He owns an Auster (it used to belong to Phil Moore). ??They will be supported by a Senior Pilot who is essentially the XO of the Squadron and will deal with everyday matters reporting to the Board.

The Senior Pilot

Simon Thomas is a new Member of the FAA Squadron and he has accepted the Appointment of Senior Pilot.? In keeping with our current policy this appointment will last for 3 years.? It may be extended (or indeed shortened by agreement given reasonable notice).? The confirmation of all Squadron officers is confirmed at each AGM.

Simon joined Dartmouth as a GL and opted for a flying career flying Bulldogs, Gazelles, Wasps (as a Flight Commander) and Sea Kings.? He commanded HMS Crichton and held a number of Desk Jobs including Commander Maritime Reserves.? After leaving the Navy he was a School Burser.? Simon has a share in a Cessna 120 and is a PPL and Member of Yeovilton Flying Club.

Squadron Jobs

Most of the jobs needed for Squadron operation are in place and a list will be published in time for the AGM.

Flying Programme for 2013 (the FlyPro)

Much of the recommendation for the FlyPro in 2013 is in place.? A few details are yet to be completed.? I will hand over as much as I can in conjunction with Simon (SPLOT).

So to round off this Blog can I encourage you all to attend the Annual AGM and the Dinner on 24th?November and to make sure the dates of the FlyPro go into you 2013 diaries.

Best regards

Michael Ryan

Please note my e-mail address is?michael.ryan@LRgroup.co.uk?and NOT?mryan@LRgroup.co.uk?as published in the Members List


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